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2nd Gig | Video

[At first, the camera is just pointing into a bush. There's a bit of shuffling, a flash of sleeve and a wide-eyed Skiddo pressing up against Harvey's legs. Then he points the camera around the tree they're hiding behind.

This thing is oozing along down the grass, waving tentacles and tongue in the air.]

Please tell me other people are seeing this thing.

If we ever find out who's responsible for this, I say we feed 'em to them. What the's it even moving on land like that?
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[Oh sweet lord not another one. Kaneki can't help but keep his voice to a whisper as he answers...just in case.]

I saw one of those too. didn't look quite like that.

[Read: the horror levels were on a completely different sort of spectrum, but both are equally horrifying as far as he's concerned.]

...if you have something that knows Thunder Wave, it might be able to stop it long enough for you to get out of there, if it tries to attack. That's the only thing that stopped the one that went after me and my friend.
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[Attacking definitely isn't preferable, but with these things...sometimes it's unavoidable.]

I understand. Just be careful. It doesn't take much to provoke them.
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I don't blame you. It hasn't noticed you yet, has it?
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[Harvey he's so sorry.] you see any way around it?
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Maybe you could distract its attention, then? throwing something far away. Maybe it will follow the sound and give you a chance to escape.
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[To be fair, that looks like something out of a cartoon.]

If you can't find anything, you could maybe have your Pokemon attack something in the distance. Anything like that would probably work.
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Alright. Be careful.