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Harvey Finevoice ([personal profile] milliondollarpipes) wrote2015-10-22 01:05 am

2nd Gig | Video

[At first, the camera is just pointing into a bush. There's a bit of shuffling, a flash of sleeve and a wide-eyed Skiddo pressing up against Harvey's legs. Then he points the camera around the tree they're hiding behind.

This thing is oozing along down the grass, waving tentacles and tongue in the air.]

Please tell me other people are seeing this thing.

If we ever find out who's responsible for this, I say we feed 'em to them. What the's it even moving on land like that?
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[personal profile] eclipse_of_time 2015-11-02 06:28 pm (UTC)(link)
They have for a thousand years.

[Ming pauses, thoughtful. It must sound so strange, to those not from her world and familiar with its workings.]

I knew the life I was choosing for myself, when I tied my own energy to the land of Numara and stepped up to protect it. My people are true pacifists, Mr. Finevoice. They wield no weapons and rally no army. My power and immortality keep them safe, and keep the islands vibrant and flourishing. They are like my children, in a way, and I could no more leave my throne than a mother could abandon her children.
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Yes and no. I may be quite old, and wise in my areas of knowledge but...

There's much of the world I've never seen or experienced. I've only ever left Numara before once, for a brief and necessary time. I'm sure, in many ways, you have far more experience than I.