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Harvey Finevoice ([personal profile] milliondollarpipes) wrote2015-10-22 01:05 am

2nd Gig | Video

[At first, the camera is just pointing into a bush. There's a bit of shuffling, a flash of sleeve and a wide-eyed Skiddo pressing up against Harvey's legs. Then he points the camera around the tree they're hiding behind.

This thing is oozing along down the grass, waving tentacles and tongue in the air.]

Please tell me other people are seeing this thing.

If we ever find out who's responsible for this, I say we feed 'em to them. What the's it even moving on land like that?
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[personal profile] irenicly 2015-10-28 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
From what I understand, Octobers are usually a pretty weird month around here.
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Really? That's pretty damn unfortunate.

What happens where you're from?
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That sounds a lot worse than what happens here.
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At least it only lasts a month, I guess. It could always be worse.

[He has Experience.]