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Name: Lu
Age: 22
Timezone: Eastern Standard
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Name: Harvey Finevoice
Age: Late thirties
Canon: Atop the Fourth Wall
Canon point:
Perceived Canon Point: October 2011: Shortly before his own absorption by the Entity, but after Linksano and the Ninja-Style Dancer have gone missing.
Actual Canon Point: December 2012: After having come to terms with his son's death and returned home.
History: Not much is known about Harvey's history, but what is known is fairly tragic. He's certainly a fairly well-known singer, having performed on stage with the likes of Dean Martin, and at the height of his career he had a wife and son. Sadly, Charlie Finevoice died at a young age of unknown causes. Harvey was completely shattered by this loss; he stopped working and began drinking to excess, spending many hours simply standing outside the cemetery where his son was buried and trying to gather the strength to go see him. Unable to handle this behavior along with her own grief, his wife divorced him and left to parts unknown.

Alone and rapidly self-destructing, Harvey finally found a stroke of luck when he passed out drunk on the side of the road just as Linkara happened to be filming nearby. The concerned critic called for help, and then went the extra mile and stuck with Harvey, making sure he got the help he needed. Harvey got sober, started singing again, and eventually ended up sharing an apartment with Linkara and a few others. He managed to avoid most of the kid's strangeness for a while - he had enough issues without robots and magic - but finally got caught up in it during the evil robot Mechakara's first attack. Initially, he joined his housemates in attempting to fend the cyborg off. Once it became clear that his bullets were useless, however, he joined everyone but Linkara in fleeing the scene.

That was the last time he'd ever leave the kid in the lurch. By the time the name of Lord Vyce first began to crop up, Harvey had become a much more solid member of the team. After Linkara's kidnapping, he stuck close to home, helping Pollo manage the show, counseling Iron Liz and fighting off the Shades that beamed down along with Linkara when he returned. He was there after Vyce beat Linkara too, though he left that matter to Liz, seeing correctly that only she could really help him. When the final battle against the dimensional conqueror came, he stayed and fought, encouraging the others to keep getting up after they were knocked down. Harvey didn't agree with Linkara's final decision to exile Vyce rather than executing him, but he went along with it.

After Vyce was defeated, things returned to normal for a little while. Harvey restarted his weekly karaoke nights, the gang hung out, and all was well. Until the Ninja-Style Dancer disappeared. Shortly after this, Harvey himself happened across the Book of the Entity. Looking it over, he realized what it was: MISSINGNO. (Secretly, Harvey is a huge Pokemon nerd. :P) But it was too late; before he could warn anyone of what he'd discovered, the Entity itself arrived and absorbed him. He wasn't seen again until after its defeat, but he seemed to recover fairly quickly from the experience.

After the Entity, there was another short period of calm. Lord Vyce returned, which very nearly resulted in Pollo's death, but Harvey was traveling for a good deal of that, and was only on hand during the final confrontation, where it was revealed that he held one of two self-destruct codes for Comicron One. He was, however, present for the arrival of the next antagonist: the Gunslinger.

Almost immediately after the Gunslinger's arrival, Linkara's magic stopped working. Against Harvey's (incredibly vehement) advice, he went off on a quest to find out why, leaving a holographic copy of himself in his place. This copy quickly grew cruel and cold towards the living people in the apartment, beginning with a threat to crush 90s Kid's heart. Harvey did his best to defend his friends against it, but even with the technical advice of Pollo and Dr. Linksano, there was little any of them could do; had Linkara not come back in the nick of time, the hologram likely would have killed them all. Once the threat was vanquished, the team went out for Dairy Queen, seemingly all happy to move on from the incident.

But Harvey hadn't forgotten. He was just pretending everything was fine, and eventually maybe it would have been, had it not been for what happened that October. For no reason any of them could divine, Linkara, 90s Kid, Linksano, and Harvey found themselves unable to leave their apartment. The protective spells over the place prevented them from breaking out, and calls to the outside didn't work. They were trapped.

As time passed, tempers started to fray. Harvey was the first to snap, insulting the others and hurling accusations that one of them was to blame for this somehow. Everyone else quickly became angry and paranoid as well; by the time 90s Kid noticed the mysterious shadow haunting the apartment, Linkara and Harvey were in a vicious shouting match, both with weapons drawn. The two broke apart and instantly joined forces in trying to drive off the intruder, which was revealed as an entity brought by the Gunslinger, which was capable of lowering people's inhibitions and possibly inducing anger.

But the damage was not so easily healed as that. Harvey missed the family meeting afterwards, feeling that the others wouldn't want to see him after what he'd said and done. After it was done, he went to speak to Linkara alone. While the kid was willing to let everything go, dismissing it as all a result of the Gunslinger's manipulation, Harvey couldn't. He confessed that in the heat of the moment, he'd been so angry that he was willing to shoot Linkara dead. At the time, even he didn't realize exactly why he'd been so pissed; he just knew that he'd almost lost control. Unable to deal with that guilt, he left to go on tour, without telling when - if ever - he might return.

After an encounter with some Christmas ghosts (look, every show does this once), he managed to actually find some peace regarding Charlie's death and returned home, where things continued as normal. That is to say, of course, that there were some villains to be fought and space battles to be won, but these things happen.

Character underwear: Just plain white briefs, man. Harvey is not that exciting re: underwears.


    The Entity: Harvey finds Linkara’s grimoire, reads it, and comes to an epiphany about the nature of the Entity. He rushes off to try to find Linkara, but instead is confronted by a possessed 90s Kid. Though he tries to fight back, his pistol is useless and he is absorbed.
    Trapped on Comicron One: Harvey is trapped on the bridge of Comicron One with Linkara. They both use their codes to activate the ship’s self-destruct mechanism, before settling in to wait out their fates.
    Linkara leaves: Harvey is arguing with Linkara about whether or not he should go out on some kind of walkabout. Harvey’s concerned for Linkara’s safety with their enemies on the loose, but Linkara brushes off his concerns.
    Fighting with Linkara: After being trapped in the apartment with his roommates for weeks, Harvey got in a paranoid shouting match with Linkara, both accusing the other of potentially being an enemy in disguise. Weapons were drawn, and things very nearly became violent.
    Where do you think you are? Harvey finds himself in some kind of dreamlike blend of the apartment and the cemetery where his son is buried. There’s also a guy who looks like an older Linkara in a robe there. He tries to argue A Christmas Carol tropes with the ghost for a little bit, before breaking down and crying at Charlie’s grave.


    Photograph: A wallet-sized photograph of a young boy who strongly resembles Harvey Finevoice. It looks like a class picture.
    A purty hat: A brown trilby. It’s very cool.
    Squirtle plushie: It’s an adorable plushie of Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon! Surely this belongs to a kid somewhere!
    Wedding ring: A plain gold men’s wedding band. Careful about using it in the hotel – we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.
    RENEWABLE: A box of cigarettes: It’s a box of cigarettes. Sorta a cheap brand.

Strengths & weaknesses:
First and foremost, Harvey is staunchly loyal to the people he cares about. He can be reserved and difficult to get to know at first, but once he’s your friend, he’s there for life. This is possibly his greatest strength, simply because he refuses to let his people down. If they need him, he’ll make sure that he comes through no matter what. This can be a double-edged sword, however, because once he’s lost someone dear to him, he finds it near impossible to let go. Harvey’s greatest weakness is probably the sheer amount of emotional baggage he’s constantly lugging around with him. His son’s death and his divorce make him terrified of losing anyone else, often to the point of rabid overprotectiveness. Don’t expect him to ever actually express these feelings directly, however; he’s pretty tight-lipped about his own feelings and hates to look vulnerable. Usually he just bottles up any negative feelings deep inside until he either finds something to take them out on, or just starts lashing out.

Additionally, his coping mechanisms are not the greatest. He’s an alcoholic, and later became a smoker while trying to stay sober. He’s managed to mostly kick that habit as well by now, but when things get too harsh he’ll always feel that urge to turn to substance abuse. Lately, his weird life has provided him a lot of evil robots and junk to fight with, though, and that does help him let off some steam. Despite being a professional entertainer, Harvey is reliable enough in a fight and no longer easily intimidated by much of anything; he’s fought monsters that really shouldn’t even exist. He can shoot and handle himself in hand-to-hand combat – not with any kind of martial arts, mind, but he’s been in enough brawls to manage. Unlike his teammates, he doesn’t use any special weaponry; he’s still too set in his ways to truck much with either magic or newfangled technology. Actually, he’s really bad with technology in general outside of whatever he needs to play the latest Pokemon game, and he may or may not understand how the Internet works.

Despite being so emotionally constipated himself, Harvey’s actually pretty perceptive when it comes to other people’s feelings. He gives good advice and can be very encouraging when he tries to be. He’s also not super easily shaken anymore. As mentioned before, his life got weird after he met Linkara; he can roll with an awful lot of strangeness. He doesn’t always understand everything that’s happening, but that’s a secondary concern at best. Pragmatism is the name of his game, and as long as he can figure out a way to solve the problem at hand, he doesn’t much care about theory.

Skills & abilities:
Harvey is a professional lounge singer. He can entertain people well – well enough to actually make a living and go on multiple tours as a lounge singer in the 2010s, so there’s that. He can also fight and shoot; while far from a soldier, he’s successfully defended himself and others in multiple life-or-death scenarios before.

Probably his title would be something related to singing, though. It's kinda his thing.


    Family and Friends: This is the biggest one. Harvey would absolutely kill to protect his family. Unfortunately, he would also do so to protect close friends, which I’m sure he’ll make at some point during the game.
    Temper: Harvey’s a good guy, but he can have a bit of a temper. A violent one. Normally he wouldn’t get mad enough to kill someone, but you know this place ain’t too great on the nerves, and accidents happen…
    Paranoia: Somewhat related to protecting people, but Harvey can be a suspicious guy. If there’s someone he thinks will kill another student, he might try to get rid of them first.
    Reset: You know that one magic redo motive from Disney Ronpa? Harvey’s kid is dead, soooooo…

Third Person Sample:
After the first time someone got caught by those freaky sentries, Harvey always made sure to be in his room by the curfew. Part of him balked at it, wanted to rebel against this imprisonment in any tiny way possible, but honestly it wasn't worth the noise. Today, anyway, he was turning in early. Everyone else was still downstairs, and the hallway was empty as he carefully shut the door and heard the lock click into place. Alone.

He sighed and went to sit heavily on the bed, where he took the dishrag from an inner pocket of his suit jacket and unwrapped the kitchen knife bundled inside.

He wasn't sure why he'd taken it., hell, that was a lie. He knew why. It was for self-defense, of course; nothing else. They'd already had one murder in this hellhole. Anything could happen, even though of course that killer had already been -

Harvey shuddered and forced his thoughts elsewhere. The guy'd deserved to die, in his opinion, but that had gone way, way too far.

Frowning, he pressed his thumb into the edge of the blade until a drop of red welled up. Plenty sharp. It'd do. He sat it on the nightstand and rested his head in his hands. That's all it's for. Self-defense. It'd be nice and all to have hope, but they're stuck in here and it doesn't look like they're gonna find a way out anytime soon. Someone else is gonna snap sooner or later, or that bear'll dangle somethin' too tempting in front of their faces. He ain't gonna be the one to give in next, but like hell is he gonna be caught off-guard when someone does.

Plot Involvement
Would you be okay with your character being a mole for Monobear?: Nooooot this time 'round.