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IC Contact

"Hey, it's Harvey Finevoice. Leave a message, I'll call ya back."

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Noctowl delivery; august 28th

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[ At some point after their conversation, a Noctowl will show up in New Bark Town. It has a package with it, containing a Pokéball with an Abra inside. Said Abra is a little shy, but this isn't the first time Chie's letting other people borrow her so she knows what she's here to do. ]
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[ The Noctowl responds with a low-pitched hoot and shakes some of the snow off its feathers once Harvey has taken the Pokéball. Once released, the Abra shyly looks up at the man, ears twitching as it extends its arm out towards him. ]
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[ Once Harvey takes its hand, it grabs the Noctowl by the wing and a nod is all the warning it gives before it uses Teleport. It doesn't take long at all, and just a few seconds later they're standing outside the Pokémon Center in Violet. ]
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[ Not long after, the door to the Center opens and a small girl standing at about 4'03" wanders out. ]

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[ Chie approaches her Noctowl and Abra first, to give them each a PokéPuff as a reward, before turning to Harvey. ]

No prob. [ She pauses. ] I want the P1500 now.

[ ...Priorities. ]