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1st Gig | Video

[The feed cuts on to a roughly middle-aged man dressed in a sharp suit and hat. The Murkrow on his shoulder cuts an equally fine figure - or would, if she weren't trying to press herself into his neck, all her feathers puffed up. He's also shivering faintly, despite his relatively warm clothes.]

So I guess there's a bunch of folks who got dropped into all this? Kinda good to know it ain't just me...

The name's Harvey Finevoice. Just got here. I've got the whole Pokemon idea, so don't worry about that, but how close is the nearest town? It's gotta be ten degrees out here, that weird lady's locked the door, and it's only gonna get worse when the sun goes down. It doesn't look like there's much of anywhere to stay here, but I'd kinda like to not go campin' in the snow.

Also, what the hell is with the music?
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Everyone asks about the music...

[ Anna's starting to feel like she's the only one who likes it, but even so... ]

You're in New Bark, right? So Cherrygrove is just about three days away, normally. Probably a bit further if you're travelling in the snow...there are places to stay there if you really look for them, or you could hop on the ferry and take it over to Kanto, if you'd like. It should be a bit warmer on the boat, I'd think...
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No, but it does change depending on where you go, and you get really used to it, I swear! Some of the places have really catchy tunes! Honestly, hearing a new song is almost half the fun of getting to a city you've never been to here.

This place is called Johto, and across the water, you have Kanto. Other than by boat, the only way to get from one region to the other is by the Magnet Train in Goldenrod. I hear Mt. Silver connects them, too, but I don't think anyone's allowed to go there for whatever reason. ...Which kinda makes me even more curious, to be honest.
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I take it you don't have a Fire-type, huh?

[ Poor guy.. ]

Well, they kinda just blocked off the route that you take to get to the mountain, really. It's alright, though, there's plenty to explore regardless! I've been here over a year and I still have a ton of Johto left to see, and I haven't even touched Kanto yet.
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Oh, a Murkrow! Hold on, hold on!

[A bit of a flash of light, and out comes Sablefeather, who seems...equally disgruntled? At the very least, a bit grumpy for being brought out, but...]

Did you name her yet? This little fella's called Sablefeather!

It really depends. A lot of people kinda come and go whenever, there's really no telling when someone'll drop off or drop in. Some people are here for super-long, and others leave kinda quickly...
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The next town is a three day walk, and that's in ideal weather.

If I were you I would try seeing if that lab will let you stay the night.
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Perry works.

[Perry that's your actual name.]

No problem. I was out in the snow earlier so I know how bad it is.

Maybe if the door's unlocked you can still stay there?
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No clue. I guess it could be a front?
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You never know.

You seem to catch on to what's going on too. Impressive.
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You and me both.

It's possible that someone knows. The Lab wasn't really my biggest concern when I woke up here.
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Close to two months now.

You came here at a bad time. Wasn't much better last week either, with all the thunderstorms.
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You've obviously never had to be out in a storm with trees being your only shelter.

If there is, I haven't heard about it. I suppose there is a chance that they're being very inconspicuous about it though.
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[Well, Ginti doesn't tend to do video, but awkward one-way skype sessions work if Harvey's down for them; if not, well, he doesn't care if the video cuts out - the point is that Harvey's not getting visuals today, because no one ever really does.]

They've really got to stop dropping people off when the region's making itself a snowbound hellscape; don't worry, this isn't how it usually is, it's gonna pass in a few days. We're in the middle of some sort of weird weather pattern, this sort of thing just happens around here.
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That's one of the theories, but we haven't seen it. We didn't get any sort of flaming rage-monster or anything that wanted to drown us, either, so we're probably not going to get anything this time, either.

So it's standard screwing with us, not end-of-the-world screwing with us. You get to decide whether that's any better.
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[ And here's a young-looking girl, sitting on a bed in what appears to be a hotel room. ]

It took me about three days to get to Cherrygrove, and that was when the weather was decent. [ ...Good luck, Hatdad. ]

The music never stops. You'll get used to it after a while.
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Chie Hori. Don't call me a kid.
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If you don't want to trek through the woods, I have a way to transport you to Violet City.
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I own a Pokémon with the move Teleport, which takes the user to the Pokémon Center where it was last healed. All I have to do is heal it here and then let my Noctowl deliver it to you.

[ It's one hell of a useful trick, if you ask her. ]

Of course, it's not for free.
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P3000, right? [ That's the amount of money she remembers starting out with. ] Let's see... I want P1500, and that you'll let me take pictures of any interesting Pokémon you catch in the future.
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Yup. I've made it my goal to take pictures of all the different Pokémon here. [ ...Which means she's basically doing IC Pokémon Snap instead of collecting badges. ]