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Oct. 11th, 2017 03:19 am
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Trouble at the Ball Meme
Everybody loves a party! The music, the costumes, the company...everyone is invited to mingle, dance, drink, and make merry. But there's a catch; not everything is what it seems. Something may go horribly wrong, there may be trouble afoot, or you may be visited by a dark presence. Post with your characters, roll your prompts, and let the scares and thrills begin!

1. Haunted - This party has been crashed by a few uninvited guests; ghosts! Whether lost spirits of the past disturbed by the noise, or a malicious poltergeist with a grudge against the host, these beings from beyond the veil are bound to make this ball a scream!

2. Masquerade - Paper faces on parade! All of the guests are wearing masks, so now who can even tell who's who? Is the gentleman you're dancing with really who he seems, or are there sinister intentions behind the mask? And was that face you saw in the crowd just your imagination?

3. Whodunnit - Nothing to liven up a party like a dead body! ...wait what? Somebody at the ball has been found dead! Was it something in the wine? Was it Mr. Green in the ballroom with the candlestick? The evening of merriment has suddenly turned into a murder mystery, and everyone had better work fast or they could be next!

4. Subterfuge - Planning a vault heist? A kidnapping? A rescue? An investigation into the host's intentions? Something big is going down and the best time to do it is while the halls are bustling with busy, drunken people. Sneak in with the crowds and duck away while the mistress is distracted. Nobody's looking at you while the band is playing, right?

5. Have You Missed Me, Good Monsieurs? - Did you think that I had left you for good? The party was in celebration of the death or disappearance of a sinister figure in the host and guests' lives. But it turns out, they weren't really gone after all, and they've decided to make a grand re-entrance and leave them all speechless.

6. Lost in Limbo - Something about this gala is wrong. The guests seem too happy to see you when you've never met them. The atmosphere is too cheerful. There's a hint of unease in every aspect and the way to the door is perpetually eluding you. How did you even get here? Why does the room keep shifting? Why are they all staring at you?! Somebody get us out of here!!!

This meme totally not brought to you by Saria listening to Phantom of the Opera. Nope.


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