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Post-R3 Harvey Catchall

Post R3-catchall for Harvey Finevoice! I'm late and couldn't be bothered to track down an actual canon image deal with it BD
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hey hatman
hatmaaaaaaaan (?・・)σ
what do you know about the respiratory system
as a totally innocent and normal question and definitely not because i suck at studying and if i fail this test onee-chan's going to make me study with her and the other smart kids and wake me up whenever i fall asleep from boredom???? – =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ
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does this count?????

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i tried but i fell asleep at the computer .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )
i'm not good at this.........
also if we have bags in our lungs how do they move the oxygen
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[Who doesn't hatman sorta hate, though.]

so it's not actually the heart that does that (・∩・)?
i thought it was b/c there's the blue parts and the red parts

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I am going to assume FF-HQ for the time being

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Yo my man! Long time no see! What brings you to these parts?

[You get a lanky yet snazily-dressed alien grinning and waving towards you with a bit too much excitement. Although, despite wearing the traditional future foundation uniform he somehow manages to add his own overly gaudy weaboo-flair to it all. is that a magical-girl tie he's wearing?

...He's been obviously spending to much time around Yamada.

Don't tell me you've been called in.
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Time to visit dad

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This is bigger than New Pork City...

[Duster stands right at a window on Harvey's spaceship and stares at the Chicago skyline in amazement. He's heard of how crowded cities were from Ryuunosuke, but this is still a huge surprise.

He turns to Harvey and points at the Sears Tower.
] Do you live in one of those?
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[Used to?! That's just mind boggling. The two towers Duster and his friends climbed were barely as tall as the Sears Tower, and that wasn't even the biggest one in Harvey's world?!

Well, judging by the other skyscrapers in the area, this shouldn't be as much of a surprise.

Yeah, that sounds good. [Five is manageable. That's how big the hotel was.] So it's like a hotel, where you have your own places to stay, right? But with more people.

[What are apartments??]
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[Okay that makes some sense. Duster guesses apartments don't have fancy things like spas and bars, but he's pretty sure they have a public kitchen or something.]

Sure thing. I'll be on lookout. [Not that it's necessary, but it's an excuse to continue staring out the window. Man, Ryuunosuke was right: cities are cramped, even as they fly away from downtown. Good thing Duster isn't claustrophobic, or else he'd staple his way up to the roof the moment they touched ground.]

Do you live close to the beach? Is it true you don't know your neighbors? [He spots a train as it runs beneath them.] Chicago's big enough that you need a train to get from one place to another?!

[SO MANY QUESTIONS.] Ah. Where's the club you were mentioning earlier?
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[Duster has a strong urge to channel Dave or Allie and say something along the lines of "THAT IS HELLA SWEET" but...

He'll just stare in amazement.

I can't believe...this world used to be so amazing! [Maybe not all cities are manifestations of the greed and false displays of happiness!] I can't wait to tell everyone back home about this.

[He steps back from the window to check up on his bass and music notes. The moment they touch ground, he is getting out of here and ready to check that place out.] You have some friends at the club that can set up a performance date sometime soon?

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mr finevoice
would i die if i ate plasticine
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what no im not
harks just asked if i have and i was trying to figure it out because like fuck if i know what the hell bro was feeding me
if itd kill me the answer would have to be no you know on account of my somehow surviving infancy
but now i have to think of a different test
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[Literally cannot.]

ohhh its like playdoh
ok yeah i totally ate that hahahaha
shit thats not even the weirdest thing i ever ate i dont know why i was worried about it
guess i thought from the name it had more to do with plastic
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before or after i moved in with aliens

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