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2016-02-07 01:46 am

Post-R3 Harvey Catchall

Post R3-catchall for Harvey Finevoice! I'm late and couldn't be bothered to track down an actual canon image deal with it BD
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2015-10-22 01:05 am

2nd Gig | Video

[At first, the camera is just pointing into a bush. There's a bit of shuffling, a flash of sleeve and a wide-eyed Skiddo pressing up against Harvey's legs. Then he points the camera around the tree they're hiding behind.

This thing is oozing along down the grass, waving tentacles and tongue in the air.]

Please tell me other people are seeing this thing.

If we ever find out who's responsible for this, I say we feed 'em to them. What the's it even moving on land like that?
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2015-08-28 12:06 am
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1st Gig | Video

[The feed cuts on to a roughly middle-aged man dressed in a sharp suit and hat. The Murkrow on his shoulder cuts an equally fine figure - or would, if she weren't trying to press herself into his neck, all her feathers puffed up. He's also shivering faintly, despite his relatively warm clothes.]

So I guess there's a bunch of folks who got dropped into all this? Kinda good to know it ain't just me...

The name's Harvey Finevoice. Just got here. I've got the whole Pokemon idea, so don't worry about that, but how close is the nearest town? It's gotta be ten degrees out here, that weird lady's locked the door, and it's only gonna get worse when the sun goes down. It doesn't look like there's much of anywhere to stay here, but I'd kinda like to not go campin' in the snow.

Also, what the hell is with the music?
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2015-08-27 06:17 pm
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IC Contact

"Hey, it's Harvey Finevoice. Leave a message, I'll call ya back."

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2015-08-27 06:13 pm
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OOC | Permissions


Backtagging: Forever
Threadhopping/Threadjacking: I wouldn't mind a heads-up first, but I don't tend to mind threadjacking. Especially for comedic effect.
Fourthwalling: Doubt it'll come up, but I'm okay with this.
Offensive subjects: Probably? I'll mention it if I get uneasy.


Hugging this character: Totally!
Kissing this character: Sure...?
Flirting with this character: If you like!
Fighting with this character: Go for it man
Injuring this character: Sure! Talk with me first though
Killing this character: Talk to me first, but I'm generally up for these things.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure!


Harvey knows some pop culture! He can fourth-wall some people! I won't do this without discussion, but let me know if you want him to not be able to do this with your character at all ever.
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2015-08-27 05:57 pm
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Questions, critiques, and comments can go here. Anon enabled, comments screened, and all that.
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2015-08-27 05:52 pm
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OOC | Status

Name: Harvey Finevoice
Money: P17,950 (updated October 21)

Location: New Bark Town
Traveling Party: None

-- 5 Potions
-- 1 Repel, 1 MaxRepel
-- 1 Escape Rope
-- 5 Pok├ęBalls


-- 1 change of clothes.
-- 3 changes of undergarments
-- 1 12oz bottle of liquid soap
-- 1 8oz bottle of shampoo; 1 8oz bottle of conditioner
-- 1 washcloth, 2 towels, 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
-- clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves
-- Trainer Handbook
-- 1 sleeping bag
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2015-08-27 05:45 pm
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